October 4th, 2011
imageMy purpose is to bring healing and consciousness to those looking for healthy nutritional support as well as helping to lift awareness to those that are frustrated with how they look and feel. I help empower others so they too may recognize and develop their own inner gifts to reach their highest and best potential. As we simply celebrate life and feel oneness through healing modalities, including prayer and meditation, we energetically align our dna with our divine blueprint. I offer many possibilities to help align with your higher divine self. Energetic healing helps to manifest your greatest gifts and desires in life. I also introduce the spectacular experience of aromatherapy using essential oils with a personal raindrop therapy session. I also teach classes on understanding aromatherapy using pure essential oils for your own special needs and awareness.  By reawakening to ones own creativity and reconnecting and aligning to your life’s passion, you discover the joy and love you came in with. In the classes and workshops, reawakening to your whole, divine-self is accomplished through journaling, drumming, dream exploration, meditation and guided imagery, ritual, aromatherapy, color and sound healing modalities and astrology. Seven levels of instruction are used in individual and group classes. I teach self-help modalities. I teach to raise conscious outlook in life in positive and constructive ways.Dreamwork and Shamanic Soul Retrievel  to learn how to work and understand your dreams and the guidance they offer; For more insight into your dream exploration, Visit the Online Dream Guide I wrote for NBC’s Universal’s I’Village.Meditation therapy and guided imagery to become centered and grounded working with energy including light, sound, color, breathwork, crystals and visualization.

Astrology sessions and classes for individuals and groups as well for development and spiritual insight.

Astrocartography is useful in discovering what energies are available to you when living or visiting in different parts of the world. I also offer online classes in Astrology. Sign up today: (877)624-6246. See what’s in store for you this year: for several years I wrote for Astrology. com website.

Through meditation and prayer, gently release hidden blocks that may be preventing being radiant and joyful. Learn to reframe into healthy attitudes that will serve your highest good.

Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Therapeutic Touch and Aromatherapy helps align, recharge and re-energize by relaxing and receiving the universal healing life force. Soothe and relax your mind, body and spirit. Self-help classes offered on a continual basis.

Journaling, and Expressive Art helps re-connect with our own feelings and thoughts and incorporate them into our being to become stronger and more accepting of ourselves and others.

Ordained Minister for Spiritual Counseling: Do you need help when life seems to be pushing and pulling you? do you have a hard time getting along with difficult people or being stressed at work? Private healings on telephone or in person.

Healing School and Holistic Center for Individual Classes and

I am dedicated to teaching self-empowerment which is the key to success. Learn to take control and recognize your own special gifts that you are blessed with.In our time together, we will be using various techniques to:

  • Explore your inner-self and tap into your wisdom
  • Recognize and gently release blocks, thoughtforms and fears that
    are obstructing your creativity and regain your true identity
  • Express your God/Goddess energy to reclaim your natural state of
    love, wholeness and uniqueness through reactivating your DNA and
    removing blocks
  • Become centered, calm and balanced
  • Receive loving energy through Color, Music, Ritual
  • Uncover your own special gifts.

Group classes cover:

  • An introduction to healing and the use of different modalities to
    create different types of manifestation. Esoteric wisdom comes in
    various forms from ancient knowledge and mystery schools. You will learn
    how to live in your fullest potential.  I am also available to speak at your
  • Background of aromatherapy and essential oils and hands-on
    experience of using different blends of essential oils through
    working with various reflexology points. Learn different ways to
    use the oils in your home and work environment to free yourself
    from stress. Individual Raindrop Therapy is another service I provide as
    well which every session includes energetic healing providing balance using
    reiki, jin shin yutsu, and therapeutic touch.
  • The use of different crystals on our chakra meridians along with
    sound toning to balance our energies to reduce stress and promote
    relaxation. Learn how different colors, crystals, sounds and
    energies influence different areas of our awareness.
  • The idea behind meditation and spiritual alchemy that the
    ancients used to attain heightened states of awareness, mental
    clarity, wisdom and balance. We will experience and learn
    different techniques of concentration through working with
    breathwork and visualization. We will learn more about our guides
    and angelic teachers. We cover the protective principles behind
    meditation to incorporate a sound and secure environment so that
    we may feel the presence of divine love. We will learn the
    importance of establishing our own sacred space and using
    protection principles. We will review the basics of the chakra
    system and learn how we may cleanse them and align them up
    with our higher self.
  • Reviewing various purification processes and use different
    techniques of energy healing to learn how to clear out and let go
    of unwanted thoughts and disturbances and realize the importance
    of rebuilding ourselves with healing, soothing light to fill us with
    peace, harmony and balance.
  • Visualizing and experience bringing down different color energies
    into our chakras and incorporate these energies into our entire
    mental, astral, emotional, and physical body.
  • Sending healing energy to each other in the group as well as
    absentee work through the use various hands-on healing

Need more information? Telephone Pamela McHenry toll free at (877)624-6246,
or direct at (415)640-5868. You can also email me at

Group Classes are one hour for a six week series on an ongoing basis for a total of $90. Prepay all six classes ahead of time and receive a $10 discount for $80. Bring your: journal, pen, and comfortable clothes. Classes are held in California unless otherwise announced.

Individual and couple sessions by appointment only. The cost for individual sessions are $85 for a one hour session. If you sign up for 6 individual sessions the cost is $60 each, 10 sessions the cost is $50 each
and if prepaid for 6 or 10 sessions, there will be an additional 5% discount. I accept major credit cards.

All consultations are private and confidential, $125, and last approximately 1-1/2 hour and are fully recorded.



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