Practical ways to ensure a good mood this June

July 11th, 2013

Want to share a good article for good moods and eating from Food For Thought Nutrional News:

“Limit refined carbohydrates such as white bread, baked sweets, soda, chips or crackers.These are broken down very quickly and can cause a large rise and fall of blood sugars. These type of carbohydrate choices are known as “fast burning” carbohydrates. While the body prefers carbohydrates as a main source of energy, “slow burning” carbohydrates are most efficient at maintaining energy and releasing sugar at a slow, steady pace. Sources include high fiber fruits and vegetables, beans, legumes and grains (note, “whole grain”products are still processed sources).

Make a seasonal, colorful salad for lunch or dinner that includes folic acid rich leafy greens, higfiber fruits such as berries or guava and tryptophan rich almonds.

Consume 2-3 servings of grilled fatty fish per week to reach your omega-3, Vitamin D and choline quotas.

Choose grass-fed, B-12 rich beef burgers as an additional grilling option, which will work synergistically with a folic acid rich option such as a fresh strawberry spinach salad.

Eat one egg yolk per day! Studies have not shown that one egg will have a negative impact on cholesterol when following a healthy, produce rich diet. Scramble an egg for breakfast, enjoy a hard-boiled egg on your salad or make your own mayonnaise from scratch with egg, lemon juice, heart healthy oil and spices.

Balance your blood sugars with planned meals and snacks. Keep high fiber fruit and nuts on hand for a fast option.

Keep desserts healthy using low-fat dairy, high fiber berries and whole grain flours whenever possible.”

Written by Shandy Torain,RD, CFT  and Published in June 2013 issue of Food for Thought Nutritiona News – Nourishment in the work place and beyond, as a way of life.

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