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June 14th, 2013

imageLavish Yourself with Aromatherapy – Pure Essential Oils

Order directly at Young Living Essential Oils or Phone Me directly at (877)624-6246 to get wholesale prices. Treat yourself to a lovely experience that you deserve. Discover your true potential of self-empowerment, loving yourself and taking back control of your life. Lavish in the wonderful spiritual bliss of soothing your body, mind and soul.

Raindrop therapy is an essential treatment for receiving the benefits of relaxation and rejuvenation. Consider us for learning the gentle art of self-empowerment, relaxation and releasing stress through the use of various healing modalities.

Enjoy the spectacular and wonderful world of aromatherapy using essential oils, including learning the art of making your own wonderful creations of bath salts, air fresheners or face creams. Time For Me offers you the essential art of healing naturally and holistically. Essential Oil blends are committed to bringing together ancient wisdom and modern science so that people everywhere may have better health and have the ability to protect themselves from the contamination and static energy present in our lives.The essential oils I use are the pure, subtle, aromatic and volatile liquids extracted from the flowers, seeds, leaves, stems, bark and roots of herbs, bushes, shrubs and trees through distillation.

According to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese manuscripts, priests and physicians were using essential oils thousands of years ago to heal the sick. They are the oldest form of medicine and cosmetic known to man and were considered more valuable than gold. Clinical research shows, for instance, that Frankincense oil contains very high immune stimulating properties. Science is only now beginning to investigate the incredible healing substances found in essential oils. I use and promote Young Living Essential Oils. You can phone me toll free at (877)624-6246 or By clicking link, you may order directly to the company: Young Living Essential Oils

The Properties of Essential Oils: The effectiveness of essential oils cannot be fully understood without some discussion of frequency. Frequency is the measurable rate of electrical energy flow that is constant between and two points. Everything has a frequency. Dr.Robert O. Becker in his book The Body Electric establishes that the human body has an electrical frequency and that much about a person’s health can be determined by it’s frequency.

According to Dr. Royal R. Rife, every disease has a frequency. He found that certain frequencies can prevent development of disease and that others would destroy disease. Substances with higher frequency will destroy diseases of a lower frequency. The study of frequencies raises important questions concerning the frequencies of substances we eat, breathe and absorb. Many pollutants lower healthy frequency. Processed/canned foods have a frequency of zero. Fresh produce has up to 15 Hz, dry herbs from 12 to 22 Hz, and fresh herbs from 20 to 27 Hz. Essential oils start at 52 Hz and go as high as 320 Hz, which is the frequency of Rose oil. Clinical research shows that essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man, creating an environment in which disease, bacteria, virus, fungus, etc. cannot live.

Lavender: With its fresh, sweet aroma, lavender is one of the most versatile essential oils that no home should be without. Apply lavender topically or diffuse it to relax, unwind, and de-stress. Therapeutic-grade lavender is regarded for its ability to soothe common cuts, bruises, and skin irritations.

Essenttial Oils for purifying and cleansing my spaces I especially enjoy are Thieves® and Purification®: A combination of clove, cinnamon bark, rosemary, lemon, and Eucalyptus radiata oils makes Thieves one of Young Living’s most popular products. This proprietary oil blend was university tested for its cleansing abilities and is highly effective in supporting the immune system and good health.* Thieves is also a powerful agent against household mold.Purification®: Apply Purification topically to soothe insect bites, cuts, and scrapes. When diffused, this essential oil helps to purify and cleanse the air from impurities, including cigarette smoke and other unpleasant

Some of my favorite Essential Oil Blend Formulas created in the Young Living laboratory with great care and exactness to provide maximum benefit and enjoyment. Most blends may be used in a diffuser, worn as a perfume or cologne, applied to the Vita Flex points on the feet, added to bath water, applied on location or with body/foot massage, used in cooking, household cleaning and hygiene, as well as to enhance visualization and creativity.

ABUNDANCE – This blend contains the oils traditionally used by Egyptian Pharoahs to attract riches to themselves. The oils of frankincense and cinnamon in Abundance, have at times been regarded as the most prized possessions in the world and were burned in the temples. We all need this blend to enhance and attract the magnetic energy of prosperity and joy around us. It can be worn and/or diffused. 15 ml. (#3300)

ACCEPTANCE – This blend’s electrical frequency may bring harmony and balance, creating a sense of security, and allowing us to accept those things in our lives that are holding us back as a result of denial. This oil can be worn like perfume or cologne and/or diffused. 5ml (#3303)

AROMA LIFE – Traditionally, these oils have been used to support the heart function and regulate the circulatory system. This combination, including the oils of helicrysum and cypress may help reduce the symptoms of varicose veins. Aroma Life may be most beneficial through a body and foot massage. 15 ml. (#3306)

AWAKEN – Awaken is a blend that helps balance one’s state of mind and emotions through self-adjustment, by allowing a gentle change toward renewal and balance. The oils contained in this blend awaken one to inner knowing in order to change and make a transition in life enabling one to reach one’s highest potential. It can be worn and/or diffused and makes an excellent after shave. 15 ml. (#3312)

CLARITY – This oil has been reported to be beneficial for memory retention and mental alertness. Two of the oils in this product, rosemary and peppermint, have been used for many years as a stimulant for low energy. Dr. Dembar of the University of Cincinnati discovered in a research study that inhaling peppermint oil increased the mental accuracy of the students tested by up to 28%. Clarity may be used in a diffuser, worn as a perfume, or used in the bath. 15 ml. (#3321)

DREAM CATCHER – This exotic blend of sandalwood, tansanea and spruce may help to enhance dreams and visualization, promote greater potential to achieve your dreams and stay on your path, thus protecting you from negative dreams that might steal your vision. It can be worn and/or diffused. 15 ml. (#3330)

My purpose is to bring healing and consciousness into the world. Sharing what I have learned about loving and honoring myself and the spirit within helps others empower themselves. When we recognize and develop our inner gifts of wisdom and inner healing, we reawaken to ones own creativity and reconnect to our life’s passion and joy and connect to our highest purpose in life, the God within. In my classes and workshops, reawakening to our divine-self is accomplished through journaling, reiki, meditation, guided imagery, drumming, ritual, aromatherapy, color and music modalities.

Please call me toll free at (877)624-6246 or you may order directly by clicking to my personal link: Young Living Essential Oils.

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